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Now automate your payments


Automated multi party payment and reconciliation

Our automated payment platform splits online payments into any number of constituent parts, as defined by you and passes the payments via the payment gateway.

Now you make automated payments to suppliers, distributors, or tax authorities in real-time or according to your workflow.

FinTech Link (FTL)

One implementation, any payment gateway, any shopping cart

FTL automatically routes payments to multiple payment gateways. In the event of a failure it will re-route the payment through a hierarchy of payment gateways until the payment is successfully cleared. You can also route to a gateway in the country of the card’s issuing bank to minimise failed transactions.

FTL can provide least cost routing for payments, dynamically and per transaction. A cart can now talk to any payment gateway with just one module for FTL and payment gateways can now integrate to any cart, billing service or ecommerce system, again via a single integration.

Operated by Apexx Fintech

Inner Sanxtum

Monetise your social following

Inner Sanxtum plugs straight into any website and brings your fan base closer while monetising their experience.

  • Sell merchandise - T-shirts, downloads, gifts – Inner Sanxtum has an e-commerce shop you can simply bolt on.
  • Sell tickets - Inner Sanxtum’s automated ticketing system needs the minimum of integration.
  • Sell experiences - Inner Sanxtum lets you personalise your fan's engagement with paid-for virtual experiences, gigs or face time.
  • Integrate payments - Inner Sanxtum lets you add a payment gateway and take any credit card online, simply and immediately.
  • Unify your social nets - Bring all of your social network feeds together so that you can see them in one place. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc all on one live and interactive page.
  • Make it your own - Our systems adopt your site’s look and feel so that visitors feel confident about spending money. No re-directs, customers stay on your site and immersed in your brand.


Automate your online business


Tesseras is an web ERP system with everything you need to enable and manage your online business.

The core includes a multi-function 2d bar code system, providing full ticketing for online and box office sales with an optional Android app for mobile sales and authentication.

The system can issue vouchers and coupons, allows payment by bar-code and includes stock control and CRM for cross-selling to visitors and attendees.

Further functionality, integration with any other system and website embedding incorporating your look and feel are all part of the flexibility Tesseras offers.

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